7 Tutorials On How To Design Business Cards In Photoshop

7 Tutorials On How To Design Business Cards In Photoshop

7 Tutorials On How To Design Business Cards In Photoshop

7 Tutorials On How To Design Business Cards In Photoshop

Today we will share some useful tutorials on how you can create a business card in photoshop cs5, cs6 and photoshop cc. Business cards are essential for any type of business whether you are representing a company or even if you are a freelancer you should have your business card to stay in touch with someone in your industry.

Business cards are really helpful when you are attending a conference, it is possible that you can meet someone who might bring some new opportunity for them, so in that case you can establish a business contact through giving them your business card.

The following tutorial will help you designing business cards in photoshop. You can also have look this collection of 120+ free business card templates

1. How To Design A Business Card In Adobe Photoshop | Solopress Tutorial

This photoshop business card tutorial gives you an idea to make a business card in photoshop using the company logo as a main focus.

2. Photoshop Tutorial | Graphic Card | Business Card 1

This tutorial shows the process of creating the card with black gradient and with flower patterns as a background.

3. How to Create a Business Card Mockup Using Smart Objects in Photoshop

This one focus more on how you can effectively use the power of smart objects inside photoshop to design a business card.

4. How To Create Your Own Business Cards! Make An Impression

This tutorial shows many examples of making business cards.

5. How To Design A Company Business Card ” Plexifit Logo”

This videos shows the process of creating two sides of business card with the front side containing only the logo and the back side has the contact details.

6. How to create Business Card Using Photoshop

This tutorial is very simple and short but it will be very useful for beginners to quickly make a business card design.

7. Business Card Design tutorial For Photographer | Photoshop tutorial

This buesiness card mockup is made exclusively for photgraphers.

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