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CSS Code For Text Kerning Letter Spacing

css code for text kerning

Here is a small css code for text kerning

Let’s assume that you are looking to give more text spacing for a paragraph of text, and below code will do the trick that you need.

 letter-spacing: 5px;
or you can use negative values
 letter-spacing: -5px;

By default this spacing is set to 0px you can increase any pixel as per your need, usually we don’t need to use this for normal contents but sometimes when we are working on a more creative web design we may need to make something in a ubnormal way. In that case this will be helpful.
All fonts are not equally spaced, so sometimes we need to give more spacing or reduce the spacing of the texts yes you give negative value to text space by adding minus – hope this fixed you problem and solved the question of how to reduce text spacing..

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